2018 BMW X2

2018 BMW X2

As BMW seeks to fill every niche imaginable, its SUV lineup has expanded to include yet another model. The SUV lineup is numerically structured so that X followed by an odd number denotes the practical and utilitarian model (sub-compact X1, compact X3, midsize X5), while X followed by an even number indicates the sporty variation with coupe-like styling (sub-compact X2, compact X4, midsize X6).

Today, we’re evaluating the X2, which is one of the most recent additions to the brand’s lineup. Styling for the X2 is convincingly sportier and more appealing than that of the X1, with a grounded stance and small window openings. It’s a much more successful interpretation of a raised hatchback, quasi-SUV than Mercedes-Benz’s gawky GLA. Pricing for the X2 start at an MSRP of $36,400 and other than less interior space and more aggressive styling, it shares many of the virtues of the X1 which has been well-received by the market.

Pros: Nice Styling, Roomy Interior, Efficient 4-cyl, Available High-Performance Six Cylinder

Cons: Gets Very Pricey With Options, Front-Wheel-Drive Layout Hampers Performance, Busy Ride

Looks Best In: Black Sapphire exterior/Magma Red interior

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Competition: Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Lexus NX, Volvo XC40

Summary: While it lacks the rear-wheel-drive dynamics baked into larger SUVs in BMW’s lineup, the 2018 BMW X2 offers high style in a trendy and more accessible package. With a $2,500 price premium over the larger and more practical X1, the X2 appears to those looking for a unique design to stand out from the pack and will likely resonate with the young shoppers that BMW hopes to attract. High pricing and a stiff ride are two demerits to take into consideration, however overall the BMW X2 is a compelling choice within the luxury sub-compact SUV segment.

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