Why Your Dealership Should Go Organic

At a time when car shoppers have access to more research, reviews and vehicle data than ever before, auto dealerships are faced with the challenge of standing out from the crowd, especially on the search engine result pages of Google and Bing.

Auto Dealer SERP

The battleground for auto dealerships is the search engine results page. If your dealership isn’t showing up, or is being outranked by a competitor it can lead to lost sales.

Often the final stop before a car shopper turns into a customer, the search engine results are where consumers go to look up phone numbers, driving directions, rating, deals, and more. The stakes are high when so many manufacturers and dealerships compete to show up front and center when a searcher is demonstrating a high level of intent to purchase or lease new vehicle.

While the top spaces are available for purchase, commonly referred to as PPC ads, some consumers avoid clicking on the results designated as with the “ad” symbol and scroll further down the the organic results. While a dealership can pay to show up in the PPC ad space, they must earn a place with within the organic results.

For your dealership to show up on page one of search engine results, you’ll either need to pay for a place, or earn it over time with search engine optimization tactics, such as content creation and on-site optimizations.

Good organic ranking is achieved by following the search engines best practices. While there are a myriad of factors to contribute to the algorithm that determines the final ranking, two major factors are known to have a major impact.

The first element is onsite optimization, which refers to the technical back end structuring of the website, whereby it can be easily “read” by the search engines as they scour the internet and index websites within their massive databases. Chances are most dealerships have onsite optimization handled. However, the other crucial element is very often lacking.

Content is Key

Content creation is the second factor that impacts earned ranking within the organic results on search engine result pages. The continuous posting of fresh, relevant and high-quality content to the dealership website creates a good and informative experience for consumers who utilize the search engines in order to be directed to what they are looking for. As a result of your dealership’s website having good content that matches up with the types of searches consumers are performing, your website earns a higher ranking within the results over time.

So, what’s the plan of attack when it comes to deploying a blogging strategy on your dealership website? It all starts with a content calendar that is aligned with overarching themes. Start with the top-selling models and work your way through the lineup. Blogs can cover everything from top features, frequently asked questions, color combinations, and competitive comparisons.

Blog topics can cover models, competitive comparison, and can be used as a platform to highlight PR and community relations initiatives. High quality content that website visitors will find engaging is essential.

On occasion, covering non-auto topics is important produce content relevant to the community that your dealership serves. This is beneficial because it creates alignment with your local audience and it can also can increases awareness among passive shoppers.

Nowhere to Go But Up

Overall, essentially by virtue of providing your shoppers with exceptionally good information on your website’s blog, you are posturing yourself to rank high within the earned section on the search engine results pages. Good blog content that gets indexed can pay massive dividends when you consider the amount of searches car and truck shoppers are performing within your market. While it can cost tens of thousands of dollars every month to maintain a presence in the paid space on search engine results pages, the earned organic ads have no cost other than what’s invested into website optimizations and content creation. In other words, you can very quickly realize an impressive return on investment with a good blogging strategy.

Where to Begin?

For starters, you’ll need a talented and tech-savvy resource with automotive expertise that is able to produce high-quality content. Familiarity with Google Analytics, Google Trends, and coordination with PPC initiatives are all a plus. Ensuring the writing style is amendable to consumers is essential. Start with a few posts per week and share them out across social media channels to increase reach and engagement. In due time you’ll have a synergistic model that will not only impact organic traffic, but have a downstream impact across advertising touch points.

Need Help with Your Blogging Strategy? Hire a Trusted Expert.

Brian Rogers, Founder & Editor, ThirdAuto.com

ThirdAuto.com Founder & Editor, Brian Rogers, has years of experience in digital marketing and has partnered to create high-quality automotive content for dealerships and organizations. There are currently [2] blogging partnership opportunities available through ThirdAuto.com.

Whether your dealership hasn’t updated its blog recently or if additional coverage is needed, consider hiring a blogging expert in order to develop and execute a blogging program that will ultimately provide a great experience for your customers and that could drive down paid media expenses. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Turnkey Auto Blogging by ThirdAuto.com:

  • Monthly content calendar of posts, based on top-selling models, priority models, search trends, and website trends.
  • Two (2) blogs delivered every week with one round of revision available for each. Total of eight (8) blogs per month.
  • Posting of approved blogs to dealership’s website including article tags, image tags, inbound links, and outbound links.
  • Integration of UTM codes and goal setup for advanced tracking in Google Analytics.
  • Posting of blog link to Facebook to drive additional traffic to website.
  • Monthly reporting call summarizing impact of blog posts, identifying trends and planning for future content.
  • Simple month-to-month contract.

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