Game On! Hyundai Versus Subaru

subaruvskiaIt’s about to go down! Of all the automakers, the two that had the closest margin in October sales were Hyundai and Subaru. Separately by only 1,035 units, Subaru very narrowly took the lead. While Hyundai’s sales tumbled 4% month-over-month, Subaru’s decreased by 2%. As dealers look to move any remaining 2017 inventory over the next two months it will be very interesting to see which automaker wins the sales race.

Subaru has been on a winning a series of successful new product introductions. Meanwhile, Hyundai has suffered losses due to the staidly redesigned Sonata and production constraints on its popular SUVs.

While we await the release of Subaru’s three-row crossover, Hyundai has a chance to overtake effervescent Subaru. Stayed tuned on we closely monitor auto sales as 2017 swiftly comes to a close.

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[Images: Hyundai, Subaru]

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