Building A $100,000 Lincoln Navigator

When the Lincoln Navigator in 1997 as a 1998 model, the 4×4 version carried an MSRP of $42,960, adjusted for inflation that comes out to $65,614 in 2017 dollars. That’s a lot of coin for what is essentially a fancy version of the Ford Expedition, however it sold well throughout its first generation.

Fast forward two decades, it’s now 2017 and Lincoln has released the 2018 model of the venerable Navigator. The 4×4 regular wheelbase version carries an MSRP of $74,710, nearly ten thousand dollars more than its ancestor from the late 90’s. While certainly better equipped with more comfort and safety features, not to mention technology, this is fairly pricey considering the sales champion Mercedes-Benz GLS starts at $70,545.

What’s truly surprising though is that when fully optioned, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator cross the six figure barrier. We went to Lincoln’s website to build out the top dog of the Navigator family.

First, we selected the Extended model, which adds 15 cubic feet behind the third row compared to the regular bodystyle. Then, select 4×4 followed by the Black Label trim. Combining unique color combinations and wheel designs, the Black Label designation dresses up the look of the Navigator.


Select the Yacht or Chalet interior themes, which carry a slight price premium over the Destination theme. Let’s go with Yacht; it not only looks elegant, the name befits the massive Navigator. By the way, how fun are these name? It’s all seems so very old money. Next up, the exterior.


Designers did a great job of giving the Navigator a unique and upscale look inside. There’s some nods to Lincoln’s heritage with the formidable dash, which evokes Detroit iron of decades past.


Selecting one of the two premium paint colors adds $1,790 to the MSRP, moving it perilously close the the six figure market at $98.850. Chroma Blue Crystal carries on the nautical theme, so let’s to with that.


The Navigator comes very well equipped, however there are a few available options. The $1,230 30-way front seats seem perfectly suited to such an over the top vehicle.


And there we have it, the 2018 Navigator 4×4 Extended Black Label with Yacht theme interior, Chroma Crystal Blue exterior and upgraded front seats. The grand total MSRP comes out to $100,100, that’s a whole $25,390 more than the regular length 4×4 Navigator.


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Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 and named after President Abraham Lincoln, who is featured on the five dollar bill. In order to pay for the Navigator above in Lincolns, plan to bring 20,020 along to the dealership.

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[Images: Lincoln, Wikipedia]



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